Ballpoint pens

Biro with an imprint is an almost perfect medium for advertising, which is still used by a large number of companies and continues to be very popular. Ballpoint pens are frequently given away during various promotional campaigns, most commonly as promo gifts. Because they are used by everyone on a daily basis, they are very effective in sectors offering various commodities and products.


Importantly, because of their low price, ball-pens with imprints may be an excellent addition or supplement to any promotional campaign. Imprint on a biro may include e.g. the LOGO, advertising slogan, the company’s contact data, etc. An advertising imprint can be made in one, two, or three colours, or in full-colour.

Plastic biros are very inexpensive and they look good. A promo imprint on plastic ball pens can be made with pad printing.
Promotional ballpoint pens made of metal are very attractive and refined gifts for customers. Metal biros can be engraved.

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