Billboards and signboards

We manufacture billboards and signboards using various substrates:


  • PCV
  • sheet metal (galvanized steel)
  • other (polycarbonate structured sheet, furniture panels)


Standard billboards are made on PVC foamboards, with thickness of 2, 3, 4, 5 mm and covered with self-adhesive film carrying graphics in accordance with the design approved by the Customer. Boards of different thickness are also available.


The increasingly popular printing technologies include large-format solvent printing.  Large-Format Digital Printing is a technology based on contactless printing process. The printing is performed directly from the computer file.


The technology of large-format digital printing allows for making one item at no extra costs.


Billboards, signboards and display-boards are imprinted using solvent printing technology with high resolution (720 x 720dpi).

The imprint is resistant to weather conditions, therefore if it is displayed outdoors it retains its quality for a few years.

We can also protect it with laminate to additionally improve its stability.


Other options on offer include display-boards processed by cutting plotter, in the full colour range (ORACAL, MACtac, EVERY films).


Thanks to the variety of available options, each Customer may choose material and dimensions perfectly matching his/her needs.  If the required dimensions exceed the maximum available size of the given substrate we can manufacture modular advertisement.


We can build steel support structures for free standing billboards. At Customer’s request we can mount and install billboards in a required location.

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