In our printing shop we have a cutting-edge embroidery machine, which is controlled by TAJIMA computer and allows for making 12-colour embroidery. It allows us to  make even the most complicated embroidered patterns on such items as: T-shirts, caps, blazers, jackets, polar jackets, towels, work and corporate uniforms, sports clothes, eco-bags, backpacks – on both finished and intermediate products.


Our services on offer include embroidery on all kinds of fabrics and knitted materials; we also have embroidery threads in a wide range of colours. Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment we can provide our customers with top quality embroidery and we can offer extremely short lead times. If you entrust any project to us, you can be sure to receive top class product which will be fully satisfying to you. In Rzeszów there is no other company with the same business profile which can warrant that!

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