Flags and banners

Flags manufactured in Rzeszów are made of material which can be penetrated by light, so the imprint can be seen on both sides and the flag looks very attractive. The material is very light-weight and resilient, 100% polyester, weight of 115g/m3, width of 103, 142, 160 cm.


Flags manufactured using dye-sublimation method have very distinctive colours, which makes them suitable for both outdoors and indoors applications. Sublimation printing is performed with special dyes which permeate the structure of the material as a result of heating up (thermo-sublimation); this ensures high resistance to ambient conditions and UV radiation. The flags can be finished with rod pockets which allow for stretching the advertisement in a perfect way; they can also be provided with grommets which allows for hanging the flags on poles.


The variety of fastening materials (rod pocket, grommets, webbing edge enhancements, ropes, tapes) allows us to tailor the fastenings to the needs of each customer. Our products also include flagpoles, flag staffs, stands and other items necessary for mounting flags.


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