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Laser engraving technology allows for extreme speed and high precision of engraving, unmatched by any other methods currently available in the market.

The most significant advantages of the method include excellent effectiveness and productivity. Importantly, engravings made with laser stand out for their elegant and highly aesthetic appearance as well as better durability than is possible to obtain with other methods of marking, since the former are resistant to damage resulting from exposition to chemical substances.

Another advantage of this method is its versatility, as laser engravings can be imprinted on items made of practically any type of material. Regardless of the applied substrate, whether it is paper, foil, silicon, leather or eco-leather, rubber, wood, cork, metal, aluminium, stone, ceramics, glass, acrylic, plexi, laminate or any other raw material – laser method will prove effective and successful.
We recommend this method to all those who value refinement and durability of imprints – it has been designed for them!

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