Advertising folders


Advertising folder is the best promotional medium if you want to present your company and its products or services in more detail by adding written information and graphics, as well as pictures, specifications or pricelist.


Available options include a variety of sizes and methods of folding, yet the most common is A4 size, folded by 3.


Paper for folders should be selected depending on the number of copies to be printed: paper with lower weight is more cost-effective in the case of larger quantities.
Our services are not limited to printing – if required, we can design the layout.


In order to create refined advertising materials with improved functional properties we use various enhancement methods. Cover of an advertising catalogue may be coated with matte or high-gloss foil, and selected graphic elements, e.g. the logo, may be highlighted with locally applied lacquer. High-gloss foil has unique properties, which enhance the colour and protect the folder against damage. Both high-gloss and matte coating may be applied on one or two sides.


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