Business cards

Today it is impossible to imagine a company which would be able to operate and maintain business relations without such a simple item as business cards.


These are recognizable tokens which identify the company and distinguish it from the competition – therefore a business card should be designed carefully and executed in a fully professional manner; it should contain a characteristic logo or a reference to a given industry so that a potential customer will immediately associate the business card with the specific company.

We print business cards using a variety of methods, e.g. digital, offset and screen printing methods, depending on the required number of copies, lead times and our customers’ expectations. Available options include relief print and embossing, both with dry method and using foil.


Additionally, we can laminate your business cards; as a result they will be protected against damage and will receive even finer appearance. Here our customers may choose from gloss or matte foils, and single or double sided lamination.

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