UV varnishes

UV varnishes can be divided into a number of categories: high-gloss and matte, sensitive to adhesives, used as coating for designs made with hot-stamping film, catione lacquer applied in flexography and physiologically harmless, hence suitable for foodstuffs.


Skład lakierów utrwalanych promieniami UV: modyfikowane żywice, fotoinicjatory które inicjują proces polimeryzacji, dodatki, które modyfikują własności optyczne i inne. Lakiery UV schną poprzez tworzenie przez poilimery (żywice) długich wiązań.


Methods of varnishing:

  • Varnishing can be applied to substrates completely covered with printing dye, or to surfaces partially imprinted (in such case varnish is also applied to the substrate without imprints)
  • Varnish can be applied to the entire surface of the sheet or to selected parts of the graphic design (in such case it is the so-called “spot varnish”, which is a misleading term since lacquer is not applied in the form of dots but  as uniform colour background).  Varnishing of this type is also called selective varnishing.
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