Plastic, paper and cotton bags



At present our catalogue of products contains two designs of white carrier bags, made of LDPE film:

  • market bag with the following dimensions:

    • 40x50 cm

    • 35x45 cm

    • 25x35 cm

  • sleeve bag with the following dimensions:

    • 30x50 cm

    • 40x65 cm

At customer’s request we can acquire carrier bags in other colours and sizes from sub-suppliers.

Our products also include “thin” disposable carrier bags made of HDPE film – printed in large quantities.


Cotton bags


Promo bags made of cotton undoubtedly rank high among the longest lasting and very popular advertising gadgets. They are environment-friendly, durable and can be used many times. Your customers may put promotional materials into such bags, or simply use them for their daily shopping – and this way they will advertise your company. Because of this tote bags are an attractive and effective medium for advertising.

Advertising slogan or logo most commonly are screen printed. The method allows for obtaining best quality durable imprints in multiple colours and with attractive designs.


Paper bags


Paper bags are necessary for practically any kind of boutiques, shops and other retail outlets. They allow for inexpensive advertising of your company, e.g. during trade fairs or simply in course of any retail operations. Paper bags are available in a multitude of colours and dimensions, and they are an elegant supplement to the goods on offer.

Our catalogue includes:

  • ecological: with flat or twisted handles (to be selected by the Customer). Imprint is made with screen printing method

  • aminated: with cotton handle. Imprints on bags provided by the customer can be made with screen printing method, but we can also design our own bags, and these are printed with offset method.

Offset printing allows for developing custom-tailored graphic designs, including those requiring highly advanced technologies.


Depending on the required results, bags can be treated with additional processes, such as

  • coating with UV varnish

  • matte or high-gloss foil coating

  • use of strings in various colours



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