T-shirts and polo shirts

Well-tested advertising gadgets, which are very popular among customers, include shirts with an imprint; this is particularly true about the always fashionable t-shirts and polo shirts.


These are not only perfect gifts appreciated by everyone, but they are also an extremely effective medium of promotion and can be used for highly successful advertising campaigns focusing on either a brand itself or on a specific product.


Unique T-shirts or sweatshirts attract attention and stand out in the crowd; they continue to advertise a product long after the proper promotional campaign is over, since they can be used for a very long time. Imprints on shirts are usually applied by screen printing method, which involves direct transfer of the imprint and water paints onto the material.


We also use other methods, such as flock (imprinted layer is not smooth but velvety), cut-outs made of plotter film (inscriptions, vector graphics, nicknames) or photo transfer (patterns with a large number of colours or photos). Visualization of the products is shown to all customers so that they can contribute to the design and receive a product which will meet all their expectations.

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