Sports clothing

We make imprints on sports clothes such as: shirts, sweat suits, polyamide jackets (we can also obtain them for your from our sub-suppliers).


We can make imprints of clothing designed for:

  • football
  • handball
  • volleyball
  • cycling
  • goal-keeping
  • referees
  • swimming
  • sports coaches
  • for amateurs
  • company sports teams
  • school sports teams


We will imprint, embroider or apply by hot stamping the required numbers, names, nicknames, company logos, sponsor logos.


In addition to imprints on sports clothing, we can provide our customers with associated items such as leashes, pennants, memorial mugs, diplomas and plaques for championship cups, as well as imprints on sports balls.


We can also make imprints on sports bags, as well as banners for sports fields, flags, placards, and race numbers. Work uniforms are indispensable in any enterprise. Adequately designed, they protect employees against hazards, and improve conditions for working, which allows for greater effectiveness. Work uniforms additionally make employees feel better, and if they contain the company logo they advertise the company and function as a promotional tool.

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