Ceramic items Mugs are undoubtedly one of the most popular promotional gadgets. Why is that so? First of all because of their durability, since they can last for a long time, and are useful – we all use them and like them, especially if they are attractive.


Promo mugs can be given away during trade fairs, and are a very practical gadget. They may also be added as a free gift to products sold by your company. Custom mugs or cups also make a great gift for your employees; by imprinting each employee’s name on their mug, you boost their emotional attachment to the company.


Due to technological conditions we suggest imprints should be made on mugs provided by us. Our ceramic mugs have a special coating which allows for absorption of the pattern printed on the suitable medium.


Increasingly popular are thermo-active mugs – in this case an imprint is invisible in room temperature, and can only be fully admired after the mug is filled with hot liquid.

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