Scratch cards

Production of scratch cards requires a specific printing technique where the proper imprint is covered with a protective layer making it impossible to read the text without scratching the cover off (that is where the name comes from).


Scratch cards can be used for a variety of lottery games and quizzes, coupons, vouchers, discount cards, tokens, tickets, etc. Scratch cards are made using screen printing, since they require a large number of paints – and this cannot be done with traditional offset printing.


Production of scratch cards is a significant part of our catalogue of products, because they are very popular with our customers. We ensure an extremely wide range of options, depending on the sizes, shapes and pattern variability of the scratch card, yet the main principle is the top quality of workmanship since of key importance is the choice of paints and the quality of scratchable layer.
Scratch cards may be an excellent tool of advertising, the so-called promotional scratch cards are an increasingly popular way of advertising a brand.

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