Labels and packaging

Each label or tag is like a business card attached to each product on offer from your Company. A uniquely designed label of a product remains in the customer’s memory, and many times contributes to their decision about the purchase. We additionally enhance our products by means of coating


Techniques used by us for manufacturing tags and labels include:

  • offset
  • screen
  • digital printing


They may be die-cut into any shapes, and printed on all kinds of standard or decorative paper.  Additional options include enhanced finishing of print by means of: foils, or selective relief lacquer.



The main purpose of packaging is to attract customers’ attention and to encourage them to purchase a given product. Consumers make up their mind while looking at goods displayed on supermarket shelves, and packaging frequently impacts their decision to buy a product. Similarly, in outlets where customers are served by shop assistants, adequately selected packaging must stand out in the crowd of other goods.


We make packaging from solid or corrugated board, which may additionally be coated.


Other options on offer include various types of surface enhancements, including our own techniques such as:

  • film coating: matte or high-gloss
  • application of UV varnish: glitter,metallic



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